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Difference between power analyzer and power meter

Suzhou LANScientific Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

Power Analyzer is usually composed of voltage/current sampling circuit, microprocessor operation Circuit, display circuit, communication circuit, PC end software, power circuit and so on.

Sampling circuit is divided into voltage sampling and current sampling, voltage sampling usually uses resistance step-down sampling, current sampling using CT isolation sampling of current transformers, respectively, including: signal amplification, automatic range processing, anti-aliasing low-pass filter circuit, ADC analog-to-digital Converter composition. This circuit carries on the quantization sampling to the input AC signal, then the microprocessor operation circuit is processed numerically, and the measurement data is displayed on the panel.

The Power Analyzer has all the functions of the power meter. Because the measured objects often contain harmonics, the characteristics of voltage and current signals cannot be measured only by a parameter of valid values. Therefore, Power Analyzer often has the function of real-time waveform, harmonic analysis and so on.