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R&S FSH Handheld spectrum analyzer with outstanding performance

Suzhou LANScientific Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

The Spectrum analyzer must be used in frequency domain analysis of RF and microwave signals. When we use the outdoors, we will choose Handheld spectrum analyzer, such use of the spectrum Analyzer has more requirements: not only the need for small size, light weight, easy to carry, but also the test function of a few. Here I recommend a good portable product---R&S FSH hand-held spectrometer.

R&S FSH is a new generation of handheld spectrum analyzers that Rod and Schwartz are launching. Its super light weight and super long battery life is amazing, in the field and laboratory measurements are reflected in the stable RF performance and high-precision. The large button and touch screen function makes its operation more convenient, the meter frequency range covers 9 kHz-20 GHz, altogether 4 products are available for our choice.